Children's Dentistry

 Our Lumsden dental practice believes in supporting long-term oral health from a young age. Dr. Acia Rizvi provides experienced dental care for children in Lumsden and surrounding areas.  Parents looking for comprehensive general services can rely on Cottonwood Dental. 

Ensuring Child Comfort First

 Our staff gives compassionate attention to children, enhancing their comfort each step of the way. We understand how important it is for children to feel comfortable while at the dentist, not only to receive dental treatments but also to protect them from feeling dental anxiety. It’s our goal to preventively care for your child’s developing smile. With a kid’s corner in our lobby, a prize box and doctors that practice kindness, your child has an opportunity to obtain good oral health in a family-friendly environment. We recommend that children begin to see a dentist as soon as they develop teeth. 

Comprehensive Dental Services For Children  


Our children's dental services are tailored to protect young smiles from tooth decay and maintain good oral health. We get to know your child during examinations and inspect their smile thoroughly. In particular, we examine how far their smile has progressed, and look for signs of decay and bite problems. With a treatment plan specifically designed to address the unique needs of your child.

Some of our children's dental services include: 

  • Tooth colored fillings, pulpotomies and stainless steel crowns 
  • Flouride and Sealants 
  • Dental Cleanings and check ups


Your child's first orientation 'welcome' visit is free!

Your child will get a tour of the office and a ride in our dental chair, they will meet and become familiar with the dentist and leave with a prize from our treasure box! 

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